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Daddy, no.

Take off ur clothing." I peered down stunned when did I slip out of my jeans? I gradually stood and slipped my straps down my tan legs. He then, at that point, pushed me back on the bed and spread my legs. I shut my eyes trusting he'd make it quick. 

I cried when I felt his tongue on my pussy. He was punoshing me for talking back.shit. I couldnt help the groan that got away from my lips when he insterted a finger. Then, at that point, two. Then, at that point, three. Ugh this felt astonishing. In case it wasn't my father doing this. Hell. He began licking my stub and magnificence opening like his life relied upon it. I began angling my back and crying. He stood up and banged into me. He was so acceptable it hurt. I despised that I preferred this. I felt him lay on top pf me as he continued to pound. At long last he wrapped up. He got up and ventured to the side letting me up. 

We are having new standards around here. 1. No garments in the house. You go to class or whatever u do then when u advance inside that entryway, NO CLOTHES! 2. Ur my slave." Shit. Poop. Poop shit. 

Hi!!!! OK so I know.its short however its good... 

Constructice critism welcome!!! 

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